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LAURIE NEVERS has maintained a family law dispute resolution practice for over twenty-five years. During that time, "Dispute Resolution" has expanded its scope to include a a variety of processes, some well established, such as mediation, and others that are new on the scene.  






MEDIATION:  Mediation is best described as a process of structured communications with a mediator acting as facilitator of the communication.  The focus is on resolving disputes between the parties, either before going to court, or once a court action has been started, to avoid further litigation.  There are as many styles of mediation as as there are mediators.  Ms. Nevers describes her style as pragmatic and client-directed. She does not view her job as telling the clients how to settle, but by encouraging them to consider options that lead to settlement.  While most of her work has been in the divorce, post-decree and paternity area, she has expanded her offerings to include Family/Elder mediation.  This approach can help different generations of a family to work together to discuss long range planning, and can also be used to resolve probate and other intra-family disputes.

PARENTING CONSULTATION: Ms. Nevers believes that a Parenting Consultant can be very helpful when parents need assistance in parenting communication and ongoing decision making on parenting issues, and has been providing these services for over five years.  Typical duties include educating on child development issues, dealing with scheduling issues, making school and activities when parents cannot agree, communication coaching and others as defined by the parties.  A PC is often appointed toward the end of the dissolution process, but may come on board post-decree as well.  Requires consent of all parties involved, and cannot be ordered by a Judicial Officer without their consent.  The contract and Court Order implementing the parties’ agreement usually specifies that the PC decision is binding on the parties as if it was issued by the Court, subject to court review within a defined period of time.   

PARENTING TIME EXPEDITOR:  A Parenting Time Expeditor is appointed by the Court in accordance with the provisions of Minnesota Statutes 518.1751.  Primary role is to enforce, clarify and interpret prior court orders, issuing binding orders subject to court review.  May not make decisions inconsistent with or outside the scope of existing court orders unless the parties agree.  May be appointed by the Court without consent of the parties except in cases involving Domestic Abuse.  Ms. Nevers has experience serving as a PTE in high conflict cases, including those cases involving third party custody and parenting time.

EARLY NEUTRAL EVALUATION:  Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE) is a dispute process designed to help parties reach settlement on issues early in the court process.  The process involves working with a trained evaluator or a team of evaluators in a three part process.  In the first part, each side presents its view of the case and what they would like for resolution.  The second phase involved the evaluator(s) reviewing the presentations and determining what they believe a court would decide if the case were presented to the Court.  The third phase allows for the parties to discuss options that work for them.  All proceedings are confidiential.  The Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) involves custody and parenting time issues, and a team of evaluators, and the Financial Early Neutral Evaluation invovles one evaluator, and attempts to resolve financial issues.  Ms. Nevers is a qualified provider of both of these services.  

ARBITRATION:  Along with mediation, one of the classic dispute resolution processes.  Instead of having a judicial officer make a decision that is binding on the parties, the parties contract with an arbitration to make the decision.  Issues presented at arbitration can range from basic property division to complex parenting time and other decisions.  In most cases, the decision is binding on the parties.  Ms. Nevers has significant experience serving as an arbitrator in civil cases as well as in family related matters.

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