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Marriage Dissolution 
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Paternity Issues 
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Parenting Time Expeditor (PTE) 
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Social Early Neutral Evaluation (SENE) 
Financial Early Neutral Evaluation (FENE) 


Attorney LAURIE NEVERS  has provided legal and mediation services to clients throughout the Twin Cities Metro area since opening her solo practice in 1987.   Her office is conveniently located near the Maplewood Mall at 2109 East County Road D, Maplewood.  Ms. Nevers brings extensive experience, including negotiating and litigation skills, the ability to listen and understand client's needs and concerns, and to work toward achieving the client's most important goals.  

 She brings to her current practice focused on Family Law and Dispute Resolution a variety of legal, professional and voluteer experiences.  While she is strongly believes in a settlement approach to Family Law disputes, her courtroom experience has equipped her to take on complex litigated issues as well.  What is most important is to be able to discern early on in the process where settlement can and should occur and what needs to be litigated in a timely and cost effective manner.  

Dispute Resolution in family law matters is increasingly popular, and can be a very effective way to proceed.  Ms. Nevers has been a family law neutral since 1989, and has continued to expand her neutral services as new alternatives to traditional litigation are developed.  Her mediation focus is pragmatic, and can utilize either a facilitative or evaluative process, depending on the preference of the parties. 

Cooperative Family Law, new to Minnesota, may best serve the needs of many clients.  It is a hybrid dispute resolution process defined by the parties.  While the focus is on a negotiated settlement, the parties and their attorneys may elect to use court processes, such as early neutral evaluations, as well as to bring contested matters for adjudication in Court.  Ms. Nevers has been involved in the Cooperative Practice Network of Minnesota since it's inception.

Please contact Ms. Nevers for a FREE INITIAL PHONE CONSULTATION consultation to determine if her services are what you are looking for. She can be reached by phone at 651-488-7099 or at